Manufacturer Representative



A manufacturers’ representative, also known as independent sales representatives or sales agent, sales agency or company that sells and markets a manufacturer’s products to wholesale customers. Basically we are the marketing and sales arm to our manufacturers’.

Outsourcing sales to a representative agency allows manufacturers to gain greater sales results while spending less. Rep agencies are the purest form of free enterprise. They finance their own growth and are paid only when they have performed. The manufacturer does not incur any cost until a sale is made and shipped.

Reps also finance the sale for their manufacturing principles—interest free—and bear all of the expenses associated with fielding a professional sales force. That includes employee benefits, training costs, support staff, cars and travel expenses, entertainment expenses, insurance, office-related expenses, IT support costs, legal exposure risks, safety concerns, and many others.

But cost is not the only issue. You want professional, knowledgeable reps who understand everything from local to global operations. You want reps who generate real results, and that starts with great relationships.

Sammident Services truly offers more connections to our manufacturers. That’s because we know how to create deeper, broader long-term relationships with distributors and customers. It’s the kind of business only independent reps can build. Not only do we know our territories, our team is a staple in them. The tenure of our Account Managers in a territory is typically counted in terms of decades, not months. That means Sammident Services Account Managers are dependable, and you can count on their experience for product training, specification assistance, and problem resolution.

Service lists

  • Increase your sales and revenue
  • Set strategic partnerships
  • Improve your online presence with a successful digital marketing strategy
  • Expand your business reach into new markets
  • Get sales and marketing consultancy
  • Develop a successful marketing strategy